Born in Amsterdam in 1969, I was trained as a decorative painter and worked doing 

faux marble finishing, gilding and other decorative techniques while exploring in my

own paintings on canvas new ways to paint and express my vision of the world.

Today I use traditional oil paint and epoxy resin, among other components, to create  

thick river stone-shaped canvasses, with a lot of depth, representing organic structures, which I see as the  ‘Structures of Life’


To me, ‘Life’ is the primal force that moves everything in the universe,

from one physical state to the next.

With the possibilities we have today to study life from the tiniest particle to

the largest scale it’s amazing to see how the same structures appear everywhere:

a walnut looks like a human brain, frozen fish like marble while some stone species

resemble aerial photos of the Nordic fjords.. and when we see pictures of neurons

we wonder about their delicate plant-like ‘roots’.

From microscopic details to the largest scale in space, life seems to manifest itself

everywhere in similar structures. 

And since no matter ever disappears, all the components of which it exists

are over and over rearranged, structuring and forming patterns, cycle after cycle.


Infinitely is beyond our capacity to truly understand. 

But infinity is all there is, and all we can do my friends, is see and wonder…